Technical Tidbits: Winterizing Your Outboard

  • Bill Grannis

Bill Grannis, Evinrude technician and historian   Now that Fall is here and the warm weekends have disappeared, it’s time to think about that inevitable seasonal chore called winterizing. You may not experience freezing temperatures where you live, but your boat and motor still have to be prepared for long-term storage. Your dealer, the owners manual, boating internet forums, and… More

Repower Triple Play Sweepstakes Winner: Jon McGregor!


The winner of a brand new Evinrude E-TEC engine in the Repower Triple Play Sweepstakes is Jon McGregor of Pelican Rapids, Minnesota. Jon is a retired computer science teacher with a wife, three daughters, and numerous grand-kids.  Jon has been running Evinrude engines on his boat for years, and says that this new engine will be the perfect addition. “I love… More

Choosing Right Propeller For Your Boat


This clip takes you through the step by step process of choosing the best prop for your boat. This video will help you understand the benefits and drawbacks to each product and will ensure you get the experience you are looking for from your boat.

Evinrude Fall Promotion


Evinrude is now offering a fall promotion in the United States and Canada!  It may be the end of the season for many of us, but it’s not too early to think about repowering for next season or keeping the fun on the water going all year round.  See below for details and a link to the Evinrude website.  … More

Check Out How Simple it is to Winterize Your Evinrude E-TEC!!


A great how to video for winterizing your E-TEC. The video is pretty short thanks to the E-TECs convenient and simplified winterizing process.

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