BRP Evinrude announces five T.E.C. Ambassadors to represent the Evinrude brand for a one year contract.    After reading through the more than 70 applications for this T.E.C. Ambassadorship Contest, the Evinrude Brand Marketing was tasked with choosing the top three ambassadors to be the next T.E.C. Ambassadors. Submissions for this contest were well thought out, heartfelt, and showed the… More

EMM Unwrapped

  • Bill Grannis

What is an EMM and how does it work?   Whether you call it, a “brain box” or a “black box”, the engine management module (EMM) is the Grand Central Station of your outboard motor. It controls everything to make your E-TEC operate correctly. Gone are the days when you adjusted idle rpm, fiddled with the carburetor mixture needles, and… More

BRP is Named Wisconsin Business Friend of Environment


BRP WINS 2014 WISCONSIN BUSINESS FRIEND OF THE ENVIRONMENT AWARD   Emissions sampling equipment supports alternative fuel research   Milwaukee, Wis., May 15, 2014 – BRP (TSX: DOO) was named today the 2014 winner of the Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award for the unique emissions sampling equipment it developed in support of the U.S. Department of Energy’s search… More

Scott Martin Challenge Fishing Tip


Scott Martin is a member of Team Evinrude and one of Evinrude’s Pro Staff. He’s been kickin’ some “bass” out on the FLW tour and was kind enough to share this fishing tip along the way. Enjoy!   Exclusive Scott Martin Challenge Fishing Tip: “When fishing in or around heavy vegetation with a Lipless Crank-bait try using 50lb braid with… More

Evinrude E-TEC Rigged to a Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Skiff


Blackfly Lodge & East Cape Skiffs unveil first Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Skiff   From, here’s a great article on East Cape Skiff helping in the fight against breast cancer with their Pink Vantage Skiff. Our Evinrude E-TEC looks great on the back of a pink skiff, we must say! See the article here:   What makes not… More

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