• Bill Grannis

Determining the Optimum Propeller for Your Boat   Here at E-NATION Magazine, the question we are asked most frequently is “What is the best prop for my boat?” Most of the time the person does not include any of the important information that is needed to even suggest a starting point for propeller selection. To illustrate the differences in performance… More

Captain’s Report: Reviews Evinrude E-TEC 90 Pontoon Series


  The Captain’s Report is in from and the results speak for themselves. Our friends at gave the new Pontoon Series rave reviews and we wanted to share with you a few highlights. Some of the key, distinguishing features they hit on include the Pontoon Series’:     Lightest Weight in Class E-TEC Technology Stratified Combustion Special Injectors No… More

4-stroke Outboards Compared to the Evinrude E-TEC Direct Injected 2-Stroke


Boating Magazine examined the popular myth that 4-stroke outboard engines are more fuel efficient than 2-stroke engines. After analyzing data, Boating concluded that this claim is simply untrue.   Comparisons are often made between older, carbureted two-strokes and newer fuel-injected four-strokes. In those cases, the enhanced economy comes from the fuel delivery system, not from the number of revolutions in a power cycle.… More

Evinrude Multi-Fuel Engines (MFE Series)


Only available to the U.S. Department of Defense, Evinrude’s new Multi-Fuel Engine (MFE) technology has the power and guts to take on the toughest assignments. The MFE series is the first outboard engine ever that’s capable of running on multiple fuel types including standard gasoline, kerosene, and even jet fuel. Every day the US military depends on MFE technology to… More

Joe Thomas Shares Why He Chose Evinrude With E-NATION


Joe Thomas, host of Reel in the Outdoors on The Outdoor Channel spends a lot of time on the water between shooting his hit show and pursing his own personal passion for fishing. Watch the video to see what Joe has to say about the engine that powers his show.