T.E.C. Member Bill Zbieszkowski at the Herman Lucerne Memorial Tournament


The Herman Lucerne Memorial Backcountry Fishing Championship is held at the Everglades National Park each September. It’s a unique and challenging two day “catch and release” event. Anglers young and old of all skills levels focus on catching species like snook, snapper, redfish, trout, bonefish, tarpon and black drum. The views are spectacular and the weekend is full of fun,… More

Evinrude at the 2013 Herman Lucerne Memorial Tournament – Recap


Evinrude is proud to have been a sponsor of the 2013 Herman Lucerne Memorial Backcountry Fishing Championship in Islamorada, FL. The event features all levels of anglers (guided and unguided) fishing for seven species of fish throughout the Florida Keys and Everglades.   All the proceeds of the event go directly toward protecting Everglades National Park.   Watch this video… More

Five Tips to Stay Safe in Stormy Waters


To many, the allure of fishing is that you never know what you’re going to catch. One day you could come back with an empty net, and another with a trophy fish. But what happened to Orson Tarver and Captain Dan Kolodny on a November night is more memorable than any trophy fish.   Orson Tarver and his friend, Captain… More

Stu Apte – The Story


      Stu began his fishing career making “Reel Passion of Fishing” while flying for Pan Am. He has been fly fishing since the 1940’s and has been guiding anglers since the 1950’s after being laid off from Pan Am. Stu has held more than 44 saltwater light tackle and fly rod world records, including the two longest standing saltwater records. … More

What’s New With Captain C.A. Richardson: Fly Fishing

  • CA Richardson

Fly fishing has always been popular among freshwater enthusiasts. It’s a fun, relaxing way to catch a lot of fish and master a great technique. But, what a lot of people don’t realize is that saltwater fly fishing can be just as rewarding and fun. In fact, saltwater fly fishing is the ultimate adrenaline rush for anglers looking to enhance… More