Evinrude Multi-Fuel Engines (MFE Series)

Only available to the U.S. Department of Defense, Evinrude’s new Multi-Fuel Engine (MFE) technology has the power and guts to take on the toughest assignments. The MFE series is the first outboard engine ever that’s capable of running on multiple fuel types including standard gasoline, kerosene, and even jet fuel. Every day the US military depends on MFE technology to complete their missions and get their personnel home safely.


The Evinrude MFE features a unique de-watering device. If the engine would happen to flip over during a mission, the engine will start up again by simply flipping the switches and pulling it over eight times.


Also, the Evinrude MFE’s compact design features low reflection, tactical black paint, and minimal operating sound levels ensures that the U.S. Department of Defense can worry less about being detected by enemy combatants.


All of these features make the Evinrude MFE technology the perfect engine for military operations. Log on to the MFE section of the Evinrude website to learn more about these powerful engines.


Watch the above video to see the Evinrude MFE in action.




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