Rapala’s Jointed Shallow Shad Rap

As the walleye tournament season really heats up, we wanted to highlight a new lure from Rapala which targets walleye and muskie specifically in shallow water.


When you’re fishing in water less than five or six feet deep, the Rapala Jointed Shallow Shad Rap is a perfect lure to catch the eye of a monster walleye or muskie.  It has a rattle and a joint that gets the fish’s attention with sound as well as tight action.


Evinrude and Rapala pro angler Chris Gilman talks about how you can use this lure to attract fish:


“Sometimes those fish are going to want it nice and slow, just making them bite. Sometimes they’ll want that injured minnow look, twitch it a little bit. Sometimes you might want to burn it to turn them on. You’ve got to let the fish tell you how they want it.”


Watch the above video to see Gilman use it in action, where he catches the “biggest muskie of my life” with it.




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