Evinrude Pro Casey Martin Grabs First Tour Win in Dominating Fashion

Casey Martin is a rookie angler on the FLW Tour, an Evinrude Pro, and the star of the FLW Outdoors web series “Circuit Breaker“, but now he can add a historic performance at Lake Chicamauga last week to his resume.  Martin reeled in his first career win last week in nearly-record fashion as he caught the second-highest total weigh-in (103 pounds, 3 ounces) and had the second-largest margin of victory (22 pound, 11 ounces) in FLW Tour history. E-NATION caught up with Casey after his victory to talk about his story, his season, and his amazing performance at Lake Chicamauga.






Where were you born and raised?

I grew up in LaSalle, Ontario, Canada, just across the border from Detroit, MI.


How did you get started in bass fishing?

I just started fishing for walleye growing up in Canada and some small-mouth bass, when I got to college I joined a club in St. Louis and really started getting into bass fishing.


What’s the biggest bass you ever caught?

A 9 lbs 11 oz this winter on a Zman Chatterbait on Lake Okeechobee while pre-practicing for the FLW Tour event. I actually had to borrow a scale from Evinrude pro Brandon McMillan to weigh the fish.


What do you love most about fishing?

I mostly just love being outdoors and the thrill of tournament fishing.


Where is your favorite place to fish?

Lake St. Clair, MI, the small-mouth fishing and weather during the summer is unbelievable.


Who has been your biggest influence in your fishing career?  

I would say many of the FLW pros that I have fished with as a co-angler: Terry Bolton, Brent Ehrler, Jason Christie, Randall Tharp.  All four are great anglers and represent the sport well.


What question do you get asked most by the casual angler? And how do you answer it?

How to get involved in tournament fishing. I strongly suggest to them the co-angler program with FLW Outdoors since that is the best path to becoming a professional angler.




FLW Tour Season:


What has the first year been like on FLW Tour?

It has been unbelievable, definitely a lot of ups and downs, I led the first day at Okeechobee then bombed in the next event at Smith Lake, only to win the season finale and qualify for the Forrest Wood Cup. It has been a ton of work but I have learned a bunch along the way.



What is the biggest lesson you have learned in your first year on the FLW tour?

To fish your strengths and that the harder you work the better the results.



Tell us about your Evinrude E-TEC engine. What has been the biggest advantage of having your boat rigged with an E-TEC on Tour?

Just the reliability of the Evinrude gives me confidence when making long runs knowing that I’ll make it back to weigh in. I never lost one day on Tour due to motor issues. Also the low oil consumption helps saves money over the season.



What is your first memory of Evinrude? Did you have an Evinrude growing up?

Growing up in Canada I was always around Evinrude motors but I purchased my first Evinrude used in 2003; it was a 1999 used Ranger 518. That boat and motor was the start of my journey to make the FLW Tour.




First Win at Lake Chickamauga:


What was your first thought after they announced you won the FLW Tournament at Lake Chickamauga?

I knew it would set up the way I like to fish, it was a TVA lake in June so I knew there should be schools of fish on the deep ledges.  It was the one tournament I was looking forward to all year.


What was the biggest adjustment you made throughout the tournament that allowed yourself to have so much success this past weekend?

On day 3 I didn’t have a fish in the livewell after fishing my best spot for a couple of hours. I switched to a drop shot and caught the days biggest bag.


What is it like to know you had the second-largest total tournament weight in the history of the Walmart FLW Tour?

It’s a pretty awesome feeling, I’ve never broken the 100 pound mark in a tournament before so that was pretty special.


Did you do anything fun or special to celebrate your win on Lake Chickamauga?

I went out to dinner after weigh in with some family and friends and the film crew from FLW’s reality series ‘Circuit Breaker’ but for the most part was too worn out to really celebrate.


Congratulations on qualifying for the 2013 Forrest Wood Cup. How will you be preparing for the tournament?

I will definitely be spending a lot of time on Google Earth getting familiar with river system, the backwater areas and making sure all my equipment is up to par.




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