Herman Lucerne – “The Man of the Everglades”

Hell’s Bay – Hell to get into, and hell to get out of.


In this timeless defiance of what is land and what is sea, one man dedicated his life to exploring and understanding the river of grass known as Hell’s Bay – his name was Herman Lucerne.


Flip Pallot and Lloyd Wruble talk about their experience with Herman, and share stories about his life and his passion for the everglades. Herman tragically passed away during Hurricane Andrew in 1992, and whether it’s a simple plaque on a tree, or an entire tournament named after him; Herman Lucerne will always be remembered not only for his contributions and dedication to the National Park, but also for his daring exploration of Hell’s Bay.


Hell’s Bay was always a mysterious spot with huge fishing rumors, but it was a place where you would not get out alive… a place Herman Lucerne called home.