Road to the Rude: Richelieu River Event

The Road to the Rude continued on the shores of the Richelieu river in our quest to crown the 2014 RUDE Champion! After 4 events the leader board has spread out and the field has began to separate and they enter the final shoot out to decide the 6 Outlaws that will fight it out to be inducted to the RUDE family!


richelieu river ripple august 2nd 2014-44

The team of Marco Lavallee and Marc Landry have a comfortable lead in first position, showing very consistent results both from the total weight and lunker side, in second position Marc Guerette and Phillip Lefevre with 50 points, also very consistent thus far this season… the fun begins…Mike Phillips & Mike Pistilli occupy the final spot with 48 points, and have done better than many of the critics expected. Unfortunately for them, Maxime Chabot and Xavier Belanger are a mere 2 points behind them as we head into the final event. The clock is ticking down to the final hour, can Pistilli and Phillips hold off Belanger and Chabot?


richelieu river ripple august 2nd 2014-172

One of these teams will advance to the shoot out October 18th on the shores of the the lake known as the “Smallie Factory” ….Lake St.Francis. This body of water has produced MANY 30 lb. bags! It will take some good weight to win the 150 HO e-tec! Who has what it takes to be RUDE?







richelieu river ripple august 2nd 2014-206



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