Scott Martin Challenge Fishing Tip

Scott Martin is a member of Team Evinrude and one of Evinrude’s Pro Staff. He’s been kickin’ some “bass” out on the FLW tour and was kind enough to share this fishing tip along the way. Enjoy!


Exclusive Scott Martin Challenge Fishing Tip: “When fishing in or around heavy vegetation with a Lipless Crank-bait try using 50lb braid with a 12’ inch 17-20lb fluorocarbon leader. This will allow you to have more power and more sensitivity to fight the fish and detect the strike. With this combination you will be able to keep your bait clean easier as you will feel the vibration change when you get grass on it….then give your rod a sharp/quick snap to clean it off. Also, this “shock” leader will give bait a slightly different sound signature in the water. Connect the two lines with a “double-uni” knot. Some awesome lures are the “twin-vibe” by River2Sea USA or the hard to find “tungsten vibe” River2Sea bait. I would recommend using the P-Line braid and the PLine 100% fluorocarbon rigged up on a Okuma Fishing USA 7.3 TCS rod and 7.3 Helios TCS reel. Good luck and hope this helps you put a few extra fish in the boat. Please share this post with your buds.”


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