BRP Evinrude announces five T.E.C. Ambassadors to represent the Evinrude brand for a one year contract. 


After reading through the more than 70 applications for this T.E.C. Ambassadorship Contest, the Evinrude Brand Marketing was tasked with choosing the top three ambassadors to be the next T.E.C. Ambassadors. Submissions for this contest were well thought out, heartfelt, and showed the true spirit of what a dedicated Evinrude owner is. Because there were so many well deserving Evinrude enthusiasts that applied for this contest, the Evinrude Brand Marketing team decided to pick five loyal Evinrude owners instead of only three.


The contestants were tasked with providing reasons why they would be the next best brand ambassador for the Evinrude Brand. By proving their dedication, loyalty and enthusiasm towards their favorite outboard engine brand, these contestants will help to promote the Evinrude brand through word of mouth and social media. They will all be attending the exciting Club Evinrude event June 13th – June 15th 2014 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where they will be treated like VIPs. Throughout their year as a T.E.C. Ambassador, these Evinrude owners will get to meet several Evinrude executives, travel to plenty of Evinrude sponsored events throughout the country, and have a prominent voice on Evinrude’s social media platforms. 


We’d like to thank everyone who applied to the contest and gave such compelling stories through their applications and showed to our team how much being an Evinrude owner means to them. It’s with great pleasure that we announce these five gentlemen as our new 2014 T.E.C. Ambassadors:


Ted Gates, Fort Myers, Florida
ed is from the midwest but now lives in Florida. He’s determined to see Evinrude E-TEC engines everywhere on the west coast of Florida. If you stop by his tiki bar you’ll see the large Evinrude flag flapping in the wind!


You can find out more information about Ted and his marine lifestyle here:



Captain John Jenkins, Westbrook, Maine
John has many years of experience as a licensed 50 ton master captain as well as past harbormaster in Portland Maine. He has a sailing endorsement and is able to handle commercial towing as well.


For more information on Captain John, head to:



Lars Strom, Port St. Lucie, Florida
Lars comes all the way from Sweden. He has brought his passion for the Evinrude brand all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to his current residence in Port St. Lucie, Florida near one of Evinrude’s satelite facilities in Stuart, Florida. Lars is also very passionate about racing Evinrude engines! 


Here’s a link to Lars’ personal website:



Danny Woodke, Gillett, Wisconsin
Danny has been a fisherman all his life. He’s fished walleye tournaments for years and now participates at the pro level in national tournaments. While fishing for walleyes and spending time outdoors is his main passion, Danny is also a police officer for the City of Gillett Police Department.


Danny’s guide service website can be found here: 



Captain Ryan Harrington, St. Petersburg, Florida
Captain Ryan is a dedicated competitive angler. He has been progressing in tournaments and has had a nice streak of 8 top 5 finishes in tournaments along the West Coast of Florida. He is also very eager to get our there and start spreading the word about how proud he is to be an Evinrude E-TEC owner! 


To follow Ryan’s fishing adventures, connect with him on Facebook at:


These five deserving Evinrude enthusiasts have shown the brand loyalty, dedication, and commitment to the Evinrude Brand and we look forward to working with them over the next year. Be sure to follow their journey as Evinrude T.E.C. Ambassadors. 


If you’d like to get involved with representing the Evinrude Brand, have an Evinrude engine or would like to sign up for rewards, register here at The Evinrude Club (T.E.C.) In the coming months and years there will be more opportunities to join the T.E.C. Ambassador team so make sure you’re signed up in The Evinrude Club (T.E.C.) We’re always looking for more deserving and willing ambassadors for the Evinrude Brand!