WALLEYES FOR TOMORROW Bring Large Numbers of Walleyes to Wisconsin and Michigan

Evinrude is proud to support the local Walleyes For Tomorrow Walworth County Chapter with their fundraising event on August 3rd 2013. An Evinrude dealer will be displaying a boat while there will also be raffles and other great opportunities to see Evinrude products. For more information about the Walworth County Chapter event and how Evinrude is involved check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Walleyes-For-Tomorrow-Walworth-County-Chapter/107070139422020



Historically, walleye populations in the Lake Winnebago chain of lakes in Wisconsin started dwindling because of poor spawning causing a concern for local fishermen.


Initially, Walleyes For Tomorrow was created in 1991 out of the desire to increase walleye reproduction in this chain of lakes so that fishermen could enjoy catching these large, majestic fish, which is a popular sport in most of the Midwest.


Instilling a vision of “Increased Production” and “Making it Happen,” Walleyes For Tomorrow (WFT) has seen walleye reproduction and populations grow substantially even beyond Lake Winnebago, with increased numbers in lakes and rivers throughout all of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


WFT is an organization created with goals of increasing the population of walleyes in lakes and rivers where their natural habitats are undertaken. Since 1991, WFT has grown to 15 chapters. The organization actively promotes its efforts to see more robust walleye populations through new spawning habitat construction, enhancement, and rehabilitation.


With many hours of service from the help of thousands of dedicated members and volunteers, WFT raises funds to accomplish their goals by:


  • Water quality and habitat improvementsFemale walleyes
  • Construction and/or improvement of spawning areas
  • Spawning protection
  • Stocking
  • Studies and research
  • Promotion of selective harvest and/or catch and release
  • Awareness and management of aquatic ecosystems to achieve a balanced fish community
  • Education and public awareness of issues important to the resource
  • Other methods and activities that may have a positive effect on the improvement and stability of walleye and sauger production.


For more information on how you can volunteer, become a member or even make donations to help Walleyes For Tomorrow continue their mission of improving conditions for walleye and sauger fishing, go to their website at: http://walleyesfortomorrow.org/