BRP Announces “The Ultimate Free Ride Sweepstakes”

Evinrude is giving you the chance to cruise the road, dirt, water, or snow in a brand new ride from BRP. 


Evinrude is excited to launch The Ultimate Free Ride Sweepstakes!  This promotion will award one winner with one of BRP’s industry leading products.  Four additional winners will receive an Evinrude gift card for use in the Shop Evinrude Store.


How to enter:

At your local Evinrude dealership, you’ll find hang-tags with scratch off codes attached to XD oil bottles. Evinrude offers three different types of oil: XD30, XD50, and XD100.


XD30™ – For use in carbureted 2-cycle outboards



XD30 is formulated for water-cooled 2-cycle engines that specify TC-W3, API TC, JASO FV certified oils. This exclusive performance enhanced blend provides greater lubrication and detergency than the minimum TC-W3 requirements. It minimizes carbon and deposit buildup, while protecting against wear with premium lubricity. Use XD30 in general and light load applications for dependability and value.



XD50™ – For use in Evinrude E-TEC, Evinrude direct injection,oil injected, and carbureted 2-cycle outboards



XD50 is a performance enhanced synthetic blend oil that meets the specific demands of direct injection outboards and 2-cycle outboards that specify TC-W3 certified oils. XD50 reduces smoke for cleaner operation and protects against wear with superior lubricity – even in extreme conditions (works down to 0°F). Contains combustion cleaner to keep carbon in suspension and away from critical engine components.  XD50 should be used in high load and performance applications for greater dependability, reliability, and reduced maintenance.


XD100™ – For use in Evinrude E-TEC, Evinrude direct injection, and oil injection outboards.


8cad36b8092797616f019aa5cd241ff2XD100 synthetic formula oil provides uncompromised lubrication and superior performance – even in extreme conditions (works down to 0°F). XD100 oil is a premium synthetic formula that delivers ultimate performance and lubricity for reduced oil consumption and minimal friction and wear. When you allow an authorized dealer to program your Evinrude E-TEC outboard EMM to use XD100 oil, you can reduce normal oil consumption compared to using conventional oil. And you;ll get maximum detergency for reduced combustion deposits, while having no smoke, odor, or ash.




 How to Register:

To find a local dealer where you can purchase XD oil, visit the Find A Dealer page on the Evinrude website. Once you have purchased your oil with a sweepstakes hang tag, you will have to register for the contest. To register, go to the contest page at and enter the code found on the scratch-off section of the hang tag.



If you’re purchasing cases of XD oil, it’s very likely that you are already enjoying more time on the water with your Evinrude engine. So we are giving the winner the choice to re-power with any horse power engine they choose (rigging not included), or to take on another one of BRP’s high performance products. Here is a list of the extreme prizes that you can drive away in:




Free Ride Prizes




The sweepstakes runs from May 1 through August 31.

Click here for Rules and Regulations

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