T.E.C. Ambassador: Captain Ryan Harrington’s Review of Club Evinrude

I was lucky enough to be chosen by Evinrude to be one of their Ambassadors for the upcoming year and recently got back from the global unveiling of their new E-TEC G2. I was picked out of a group of national applicants and currently have a E-TEC 250 HO on the back of a 2200 Ranger. To be completely honest I had heard they were coming out with a new engine but that was about the extent that I knew. As part of being one of the Ambassadors they treated my wife and myself to a trip up to Milwaukee for the Global Product Reveal where we witnessed the unveiling of the new Evinrude E-TEC G2 engine, got to demo the new engine on multiple boats, got to see the factory first hand and attended multiple parties/dinners.
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From the minute we arrived at the airport we realized this was a big event, they had every billboard and advertisement from our gate to our transportation. We started getting really excited and as we met other people flying in from around the country and the world, we all realized that we were in the same boat not knowing what the new engine was going to be.


We pulled up to the hotel and the size of this event really hit us. There were over 2,000 people there registering from all over the globe. We checked into our hotel and were treated like VIP’s through an amazing welcome dinner where we met the other Ambassadors and started counting down the minutes until the 8:00pm reveal. Again, none of us knew what to expect.


The global reveal was set up like a full blown movie production. It was amazing hearing first hand the Evinrude history, their innovations over the past 100+ years and where they are today with BRP. They admitted past faults with previous engines and were confident and determined they had come up with the absolute best engine on the market. I had always loved my E-TEC but hearing about the new engine got us all fired up.


Everyone in attendance was blown away at the new engine. Completely different, new, innovative and unique. I will have to say first hand that these engines look more spectacular in person than pictures can justify. They are so unique and radical that some people may need some time to get used to them. But believe me in person they are sweet! 


And don’t worry, if you don’t like the 1st color you see they have hundreds of options and color combinations. The panels come off with simple screws and can be changed out.


But the engines are more than just a new look on the outside. They re-engineered the entire engine from the prop nut to the flywheel nut. They added some really cool technology and upgrades including built in power steering, clean rigging limited all those extra wires/steering bars, oil tank inside the engine clearing up an extra compartment, more fuel efficiency and one of the best part, 5 year warranty, 5 year corrosion warranty and 5 year/500 hour no maintenance. All very impressive!


After seeing the new engine, the next day we were treated to a personal factory tour. We were impressed to say the least. 

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The following day we got to get out on Lake Michigan and test out the new engines. By now we were impressed with the debut, the company outlook, the factory tour but as we all knew it came down to how well they actually perform on the water. WOW! We were blown away! The first boat we went on was a 35ft Scarab with trip 300’s. Not only were the new engines seemingly as quiet as any 2 stroke I have been on but the holeshot was incredible. That 35ft boat loaded down with 8 people got up on plane like a jet ski. My wife was holding a full conversation on the back doing 62mph. These engines are impressive!


The weekend was finished off with an amazing dinner and then after party on Lake Michigan complete with fireworks, fire dancers etc. My hat is off to BRP for an amazing event and an even more amazing product. 


I got to spend some time with the BRP’s vice president, Alain Villemure, and they honestly are dedicated to this new product and have full belief that this is the outboard of the future. I am not a paid employee and I do realize a lot of folks aren’t fans of Evinrude but once you get your eyes on this engine and see the performance I believe they will change a lot of minds. A big thank you to the entire BRP family for a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to getting back on the water with these new engines soon!


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