Kim Bain-Moore Saves Christmas

Want to give gifts like a pro? Evinrude Pro Team member Kim Bain-Moore is here to offer some gift ideas for the fisherman/woman in your life.

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Happy holidays, E-NATION!


These gifts are sure to make for a very Merry Christmas:


  • A tackle box. I remember getting my first tackle box when I was eight-years-old. My parents customized it with cool stickers. I’m now 32, and I still admire it when I’m back home in Australia! Think about a style that would suit the person who is receiving the gift and what sort of layout would work for them.
  • Gift cards from local tackle shops that the angler frequents. Support small businesses, and give your angler a chance to splurge on their favorite products.
  • Fishing-themed ornaments. There are some really cool options available. This is a small gift with a lot of personality/character. These are really great as stocking-stuffers or just the little thoughtful gift that says ‘hi, we’re thinking of you!’
  • For a bigger item, I recommend a GoPro camera. They’re small, super portable, durable, and they’re perfect for capturing both underwater and above water action. With an ultra-wide angle lens, even solo anglers can capture footage of all their great catches. Just plug it in to your TV or laptop and BOOM…movie night!
  • A sharp-looking fishing jacket to keep the angler warm and fashionable is a great choice. There are great options from Evinrude. Also, a domestic company called Fishworks has some new styles. There will be a couple of these underneath our tree…shhhh!
  • Fish art is always awesome! There are so many talented domestic artists — many of whom fly under the radar — that offer everything from sculptures to prints to unique photographs of offshore, inshore, and freshwater species.
  • Take your angler’s favorite photo and create a laptop cover or phone case. You could even have a Fathead cutout made or a canvas fine art print. Some companies offer cartoon styles for something really fun and a little different!

And the worst Christmas Gifts:


  • Christmas sweaters! Although, these days you can throw a ‘bad sweater’ party for all your friends, so sometimes it’s cool to be a little dorky!
  • Cheap knock-offs that usually break or don’t work. Always try and opt for original products and homegrown companies if possible. Support the small guys with BIG ideas!

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For more gift ideas from Evinrude, check out the Shop Evinrude Store. Or head over to the E-NATION message boards to talk to your fellow anglers about what they wish they could find under the tree on Christmas morning.