Repower Triple Play Sweepstakes Winner: Jon McGregor!

The winner of a brand new Evinrude E-TEC engine in the Repower Triple Play Sweepstakes is Jon McGregor of Pelican Rapids, Minnesota. Jon is a retired computer science teacher with a wife, three daughters, and numerous grand-kids.  Jon has been running Evinrude engines on his boat for years, and says that this new engine will be the perfect addition. “I love the 2006 90HP E-TEC that I have, and I’ve been running Evinrude and Johnson four-strokes before that, so I’m obviously very happy to win this contest.”


As a former computer science teacher, he spends a good amount of time working on computers, but he also loves to get out on the water and go fishing in his Lund Pro Angler fishing boat. He doesn’t stop at just fishing, though. “I like to pull the grandkids behind the boat on tubes and water skis,” he says, “but the boat is mostly used for fishing.”


The county Jon lives in has 1,100 lakes in it, so he has quite a few options on where to take the boat. He prefers Long Lake because “my sister has a cottage on the lake; that’s where the boat sits.”


Though he says he didn’t really expect to win, Jon entered the contest when he saw the details on Facebook. He found out that he won after receiving a letter from Evinrude, but that letter didn’t keep him from going online and researching the situation and calling a few people before realize that he was, indeed, the grand prize winner. When it came to telling other people about his win, Jon recalls, “I didn’t tell people for about a month – except for my wife – until I was sure that this was really happening.” He only recently told other members of his family. “I was with my cousins last night, and I just told them for the first time. They had a hard time believing me.”


As for his plans for the new engine, he’s going to repower his boat with the same horsepower (a 90HP Evinrude E-TEC engine) at a dealer in nearby Fergus Falls, MN.


It’s not all good news for Jon, though. He’ll be getting his new engine right as a frigid Minnesota winter begins. “It’s too bad that I won’t be able to put the boat in the water for several months, but at least I’m not missing any extra time on the water.”


Water, water everywhere. But not a ramp to launch. This winter already feels like it’s taking an eternity.