Spot the Difference: 150 H.O. vs. the 150 HP Pontoon Series

At a glace these engines might look similar but it’s what they offer and their application that are completely different. Evinrude E-TEC engines are great for bass fishing, inland waters, coastal fishing, or even speeding around the lake with water skiers trailing behind. You might need some help knowing which type of engine is the right one for your boat.


Here’s a look at the main differences between our Pontoon Series, H.O. Series, and standard E-TECs.


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150 HP Header

150 HP E-TEC

It’s more refined and achieves up to 14% MORE TORQUE, with less displacement, than a Mercury 150 HP Fourstroke from 2,500 RPM to 5,500 RPM because Evinrude made sure this E-TEC offers a power stroke, every stroke. And don’t worry about this engine keeping you from getting on plane because the Evinrude E-TEC 150 HP is by far the LIGHTEST IN ITS CLASS. Weighing in at a svelte 418 lbs., it’s 37 lbs. lighter than the new 150 HP Mercury Fourstroke and a whopping 62 lbs. lighter than a 150 HP Yamaha.


What does that mean for you? You and your boat get unmatched power-to-weight ratio for better handling, faster hole shots, and accelerated speed and efficiency.









Zoning in on what the pontoon boater’s day-to-day life is, Evinrude developed this series to enhance the boating experience for pontoon owners. New features include rubber motor mounts to reduce vibration transmitted to the boat.  The special gear ratios and large displacement cylinder blocks provide

abundant torque and high thrust. In addition, the Pontoon Series still offers all of the best-in-class features of the entire Evinrude E-TEC lineup.


What does this mean for you? Reduced vibrations and noise create a smoother, more comfortable ride. Quicker acceleration, improved throttle response and more stopping power allow you to get serious about an Evinrude E-TEC engine built specifically for your pontoon.




150 H.O. E-TEC


Designed to be at the forefront of power, the H.O. series engines push the transom rating of any boat in any category. With high performance fine tuned to achieve the MAXIMUM 


ALLOWABLE HORSEPOWER OUTPUT, you’ll be pushed back into your seat and your boat to the head of the pack. The H.O. series offers twice the total alternator output of the

nearest competitor to deliver the electrical power to run all of today’s outboard electronics. More available amperage with this engine means you can operate more electronics more often without taking the chance of running down your battery. In addition E-TEC engines’ alternators are beltless leaving no room for wear or replacing.


What does that mean for you? Faster speeds on any boat and better fuel economy.