T.E.C. Ambassador: Ted Gates & Family Get Full Evinrude Experience

My family and I were lucky enough to be invited to the 2014 Club BRP Evinrude event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.



Night one was the new product global unveiling.  I had never experienced anything like that.  It was very exciting and created a massive buzz about the new Evinrude E-ETC G2.  There was a short film that lead up to the unveiling which showed a visual history of Evinrude, it had everyone pumped up.


The following two days were spent hearing from management, touring the factory and ending with running a variety of boats rigged with the new technology out on Lake Michigan right off the shore of Milwaukee.


The factory tour was top notch.  While doing this it really started sinking in that all employees are into this and take great pride in the end product.  It made me feel very fortunate to be included in this sort of “family” that is Evinrude.


IMG_5784The final day going boat riding was great as well.  The motors performed as we all knew they would.  It’s hard to quantify the qualities.  The look, the torque, the sound – all spectacular.  Plain and simple they are bad ass motors.


To end it all we had a social get together for an end of the event celebration which included fireworks, cocktails and dancing.  It was great to spend some time networking and having fun.  My wife, daughters and I are very happy that we got to experience this and thank BRP for including us.