CAPTAIN’S REPORT: Reviews the 115 HP Pontoon Series Engine

The reports just keep coming in and they’re all good too! Take a look for yourself as the Captain’s Report from talks specifically to this 115 HP Pontoon Series engine. The 115 HP Pontoon Series really targets the key features every pontoon owner wishes they could have. In the report you’ll be taken through these distinguishing features that are specific to the 115 HP Pontoon Series:


  • Lightest Weight in Class
  • E-TEC Technology
  • Stratified Combustion
  • Special Injectors
  • No Break-In Period
  • No Crankcase Oil to Change
  • logo-NewLower Emissions
  • No Dealer Scheduled Maintenance for 3 Years or 300 Hours
  • Automatic Winterization
  • 3-Year, 300-hour Spark Plugs
  • Unique, Rubber Engine Mounts
  • Fewer Parts Than 4-Stroke Engines
  • An Acoustically-Tuned Engine 


Given the fact that so many boaters are gravitating from V-hulls to pontoons, last year over 30,000 toons were sold, it seemed inevitable that someone would start dedicating resources to this market segment instead of having it cross feed from the other markets, like a remora stuck to the back of a shark. The Captain believes Evinrude has really broken new ground with this target-specific group and in all likelihood will grow with it.


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