Evinrude Cleans Up At Pontoon And Deckboat Shootout!

The 17th Annual Pontoon and Deckboat Shootout was held this weekend in Bloomington, IN, and Evinrude came away with victories in three of the categories.


This highly competitive event is organized by Pontoon and Deckboat Magazine, and showcases the best and newest models of pontoon boats from all of the top brands. The boats are tested in categories that include craftsmanship, innovation, and performance.


Evinrude’s 150 HP, 200 HP, and 250 H.O. models all won in their respective categories. The 150 HP engine powered a Premier 200 Sunsation RE pontoon boat, and the 200 HP powered a Premier 220 Sunsation SL pontoon boat. A brand new Manitou pontoon boat was powered to victory by the Evinrude 250 H.O. engine.


Thanks to Manitou and Premier Pontoon Boats for their help in getting us to victory!