Forever Resorts: Navigating Lake Powell With Ease

Sure, it looks big… and with over 2000 miles of shoreline and 96 major canyons to explore, it might seem a bit intimidating to navigate as well.  (That’s more shoreline than the Pacific Coast of the United States!)

Lake Powell is, however, a lot easier to navigate than it looks. Just keep an eye out for the buoys and follow the instructions in your Stan Jones Mapfree with every Forever houseboat rental, and you’ll be navigating like a pro!

The legendary man who started it all, Stan Jones, spent over 30 years exploring, mapping, and photographing, the lake.
They called him “Mr. Lake Powell.”

These maps are also legendary on Lake Powell. Chock full of information about the history, canyons, water, and wildlife of Lake Powell, they are often called a “must have” for new and seasoned boaters alike. (eggs)

Bring along a highlighter pen or two so you can mark the course of your next voyage and share the adventure when you get back home.

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