Mike Boudreau

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec  Years as an Evinrude Pro: 3

Boat: Bullet   Engine: Evinrude 250 H.O. Expertise: Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass – Fresh Water

Favorite Technique: Flippin & Carolina Rig   Favorite Lake: Lake St. Francis


Career Highlights: Founder & owner of www.fishin-canada.net. Radio show and podcast host of Mike & Scotts BS session. Tournament event producer. Industry recognized fly tier and Atlantic salmon angler, published. Guest speak at various seminars and consultant for fishing event organization and management

Sponsors: Mustang, Navionics, St. Croix, Power Pole, The Rod Glove, Maple Grove Marine, and Evinrude.

How did you get into fishing? 

My fishing career began at 10 years old in Nova Scotia, chasing anything that would bite off the local docks and waterways. An industry recognized fly tier and Atlantic salmon angler, I migrated to Montreal, where I turned my passion to tournament fishing and the

St. Lawrence River system, home of some of the best bass fishing in Canada. Over the years I have been invited as a guest speaker at many events to share tournament techniques and passion for teaching others how to be more successful at putting bigger fish in the boat. In 2006 I expanded the audience through the creation of Fishin-Canada.net, which has grown to become the premier bilingual source for bass fishing information on the internet. I can be seen at many of my signature, “RIPPLE,” tournament events, fishing shows and various gatherings. In 2012 I launched another initiative on social media. The Mike & Scotts BS session podcast was released to bring the latest tournament news, technology innovations and Bass fishing community buzz to a nation wide audience.”

What is your favorite thing about your Evinrude? “I have many but 3 things stand out….the mileage I get with my 250 HO etec is amazing…having used several other brands, none gave me the fuel economy I get with my Evinrude. Second is the maintenance…to put it simply….there is none…I spend no time in the shop, which keeps me on the water.., and third but not last….it runs clean, we want to reduce our carbon foot print for future generations, and my etec delivers hands down…”