Evinrude at the Wisconsin State Ski Show: “Small Town, Huge Event”

Wisconsin Rapids is a town of only 18,000 in north-central Wisconsin, but each year it hosts one of the biggest and most exciting events in the state.


The Wisconsin State Ski Show Championship features three divisions of ski teams competing to advance to the national competition. Though now it’s an electric event, Co-Chair Maggie Muleski recalls that it wasn’t always that way: “When it started 47 years ago, we had six teams. This year we have 26 teams.”


Muleski estimated that at the 2013 event, the competition would attract 15,000 people over three days. For a relatively small town, that’s a lot of visitors. In this video, Muleski talks more about the event, the impact on the town, and how Evinrude has been a part of it all.


To read more about the event and watch the highlight video, go here.


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