Boat Review: Metal Shark and Evinrude E-TEC

The Metal Shark 28 Defiant boat is used by the US Coast Guard as a “response boat small” (RBS) for all kinds of military operations, from patrolling coastlines to escorting naval and cruise ships. Unlike other consumer boats that are built for recreation, Metal Shark manufactures boats that need to be ready to withstand the toughest tests at a moment’s notice in all kinds of weather conditions. Dean Jones of Metal Shark, who gives a detailed walk-through of the boat in the above video, states, “what we did was develop a vessel that could basically be used from Alaska to Florida and from Maine to Mexico.”


The boat includes unique features and equipment such as shock mitigating seats, gun mounts, thermal imaging cameras, and radar capabilities.


Jones then goes on the talk about the rigors of daily operations, and praises Evinrude E-TEC engines for being up to the task to power the boat wherever it needs to go. He adds, “These particular motors (twin Evinrude E-TEC 225-HP engines) have the ability to propel this boat upwards of 60 miles per hour, but also idle around all day long if necessary.”




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