Evinrude E-TEC Engines are Fun and Safe both Above and Below Water

By Brian Heagney
Tour Guide for Fins n Flukes


“We run scuba diving and whale watching tours in the Ha’apai group of Islands, it’s in the South Pacific Kingdom of Tonga.”


The whales we take people to see are Humpback Whales and

the Tongan population of whales is still considered endangered as they were almost hunted to extinction in the seventies by illegal Russian whaling boats.


Thankfully, the King of Tonga passed a Royal Decree offering complete protection to the whales from whaling before they were all gone.


Today the population of whales in Tonga is growing again and hopefully this success story will continue.


Fins ‘n’ Flukes chose Evinrude E-TEC engines specifically because of their high emissions standards, CARB and EPA. We work with endangered whales every day and wish to run our tours in the most eco-friendly manner possible. The super low emissions that E-TEC engines offer allow us to work closely around the whales with a minimal impact with regard to chemical pollution of the marine environment we wish to explore.


Not only is the low emissions great for the whales, but it is also great for our guests as they do not have to sit in the blue smoke that is common with inferior two stroke technology. Our tours are 6 hours long and the blue clouds of smoke associated with inferior machines would be unbearable for this duration of time for the normal person..


The economy of the E-TEC engine also allows us to lower our carbon footprint dramatically by simply burning less fuel on our trips, the fuel economy is really astounding!.


The engines are also very quiet and this is important around the whales as excessive noise can disturb the animals.


All in all, for a company who’s passion is the marine environment and the animals in that environment, there is simply no better option available for us in today’s marketplace, to operate in an environmentally sensitive manner, than Evinrude E-TEC. Clean, quiet, economical, and reliable – we need look no further and are amazed at the technology and design of these dream machines.”