4-stroke Outboards Compared to the Evinrude E-TEC Direct Injected 2-Stroke

Boating Magazine examined the popular myth that 4-stroke outboard engines are more fuel efficient than 2-stroke engines. After analyzing data, Boating concluded that this claim is simply untrue.


Comparisons are often made between older, carbureted two-strokes and newer fuel-injected four-strokes. In those cases, the enhanced economy comes from the fuel delivery system, not from the number of revolutions in a power cycle. But that’s not the case when you compare Evinrude E-TEC’s new direct injected outboards to the modern four-strokes.



Karl Sandstrom, product manager for BRP’s Evinrude Outboard Division, explains how Evinrude E-TEC’s direct injected 2-stroke engines can compete head-to-head and out-perform 4-stroke engines on fuel economy. He gives some great insight into the benefits of the Evinrude E-TEC’s version of the 2 stroke engine.


Check out the video and Karl will walk you through a detailed comparison between the two.  Or stop by Boating Magazine’s website to see the full article: http://www.boatingmag.com/gallery/photos/20-boating-myths-busted?cmpid=facebook


Tell us how your Evinrude E-TEC engine has performed regarding fuel economy and share some of your tips for getting better mileage out on the water on E-NATION.