Bill Blodgett: Teaching the Love of Fishing

The crew of Majesty Outdoors just finished an incredible shoot, adding to several episodes already shot for the 2013 airings on NBC Sports.


This week, the team filmed two “fatherless” teens from the Lower Rio Grande Valley in far South Texas.  The location was an intimate spot on the Texas Coast called the Arroyo Colorado, a deep, brackish waterway that empties into the pristine Lower Laguna Madre.



Joey and Clarisa, our two teen superstars have never been fishing, much less been on a boat.  The “Great Adventure” started with a shopping spree at the new Bass Pro Shops location in Harlingen, Texas.  The kids were outfitted from head to toe in the latest Columbia Sportswear outerwear, plus sporting new UV protective shades from WileyX Eyewear.  It is essential that these two teens are protected from all the outdoor elements, and our sponsors are some of the best in the business at accomplishing this goal.


We then traveled to the lodge on the Arroyo, hosted by Lee Roy Gonzales with LG Outfitters.  Lee Roy is an amazing host and guide with five star accommodations and incredible food native to this part of Texas.  After a quick unpack, the group traversed dockside where initial casting instructions took place.  Remember, neither one of these teens have ever had a rod and reel in their hands.  The instruction started very basic until they mastered the proper technique of the LEW’S spinning reel.


Once the instruction was over, we piled into two vessels, both manufactured by “New Water Boatworks” and powered by Evinrude E-TEC engines.  This combination of boat and motor is essential to navigate the extremely shallow flats (all less than 12”) on the Lower Laguna.  Within minutes, Joey and Clarisa landed their first fish, a combination of spotted sea trout and red drum.  The joy on their faces provided several “Kodak Moments”, as nothing is better than teaching a youngster how to spot, cast and land their first fish.


At the end of the three-day adventure, Joey and Clarisa had caught flounder, speckled trout, redfish and a huge cow nosed stingray that provided one exciting fight.  A very unique sight for everyone was a mature “mother” porpoise, teaching her three-foot baby how to hunt and kill.  Right next to the boat, the mother caught a seven pound sheephead and was tossing it up in the air and then batting the prey with her tail.  All the while, the baby porpoise was right next to us watching the master teacher.  It truly was a scene out of National Geographic.  What better way to teach two novice coastal anglers about how “Mother Nature” is working all around us on so many levels.  For Joey, he said this was the highlight of his trip!  Clarisa sight-casted a seven pound redfish in mere inches of water, caught the fish and took pictures, then she stepped out of the boat in ankle deep, crystal clear water with a white sand bottom and revived the red, then turned her loose to fight another day.  A lesson learned about “CPR”!  (catch, photograph & release)

Our Evinrude E-TEC is critical for us on these shallow waters.  The powerful 2-stroke engine provides the torque necessary for hole shots where other engines simply don’t have the technology and “strength” to give us the performance we require, especially with full fuel, camera equipment and gear.


Our next two locations are out of state, travelling down to the famous “Boca Grande Pass” in Florida, then to the incredible fishery in Southwestern Louisiana.  Stay tuned for more reports on E-NATION and our Facebook page.  Watch our show on NBC Sports, check out the airtimes on our website:


~Bill Blodgett

Executive Producer

Majesty Outdoors