Stu Apte – The Story





Stu began his fishing career making “Reel Passion of Fishing” while flying for Pan Am. He has been fly fishing since the 1940’s and has been guiding anglers since the 1950’s after being laid off from Pan Am. Stu has held more than 44 saltwater light tackle and fly rod world records, including the two longest standing saltwater records.  A 58 pound dolphin caught in 1964, and a 136 pound Pacific Sailfish caught in 1965.


The Stu Apte Tarpon Fly (Featured on the postage stamp in 1991) and The Stu Apte Improved Blood Knot are two of Stu’s creations, and are standard items for any fly fisherman. Stu began his collection of accolades in 1969 by being inducted into the Fishing Hall of Fame. In 2003 Stu was the recipient of the prestigious Ted Williams Award, and in 2004 for the fifth year in a row was the pro celebrity grand champion of the backbone tournament. Stu had the distinction of joining Ted Williams, Curt Gowdy, Ernest Hemingway, Izaak Walton, and Zane Grey to name just a few, when he was inducted into the International Game Fish Association IGFA Hall of Fame December 11th 2005.


Stu currently writes content for multiple publications including Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, and Sports Afield Sea & Rudder Fly Fishing in Salt Waters; and is the field editor for Shallow Water Angler. He also just recently finished his auto biography. Stu has directed and stared in a Paramount Studios Short Subject “Keys to Fishing Fun” in 1969. He also produced the award-winning “Tarpon Country” film in 1976 and directed the award winning video series “Saltwater Fly Fishing From A to Z”. His latest video is “Quest for Giant Tarpon” which won a Teddy award for best fishing video in 1993/1994.


Stu has served as an officer and trustee of the Everglades Protection Association, is on the executive board of The Bonefish and Tarpon Unlimited conservation organization, and is on the advisory board of the International Game Fish Association. He also had the good fortune of leading the USA/USSR Atlantic salmon exploratory expedition to Russia in 1989.


Stu's Boat

Stu is currently the research and development adviser for Ranger Boats, and has also recently partnered with Beavertail Skiffs to create his own model. Having fished shallow waters for over 60 years, with more than 40 world records to his name, IGFA Hall of Fame legend Stu Apte brings his world of experience to play when personally developing in his own words “the most angler friendly Skiff I have owned”


“I have been involved in using and designing shallow water, back-country skiffs for more than 50 years and I think the work I have done with Beavertail Skiffs in setting up a Stu Apte Signature Series skiff speaks for itself. You can know, if my name is on the boat you can believe it” – Stu Apte


Stu invites the new owners to visit him in the FL Keys with their newly purchased skiff powered by an  Evinrude E-TEC and join him fishing. There is no better way to get truly acquainted with the performance and fishability of the Stu Apte Signature Series Skiff than fishing it with the legend himself.