What’s New With Captain C.A. Richardson: Fly Fishing

Fly fishing has always been popular among freshwater enthusiasts. It’s a fun, relaxing way to catch a lot of fish and master a great technique. But, what a lot of people don’t realize is that saltwater fly fishing can be just as rewarding and fun. In fact, saltwater fly fishing is the ultimate adrenaline rush for anglers looking to enhance their light tackle skills. It requires the angler & guide to stealthily close the distance to a manageable range so that a precise presentation can be made to the wary game fish and ultimately fool the quarry into striking the fly!


I have found through years of experience with my regular clientele that eventually everyone is looking for a new challenge. Couple a day of fly fishing with a little spin/plug fishing and you’ve got yourself quite the experience!


I like these scenarios:


  • “Winter Redfish” in the shallows of Tampa Bay
  • “Docklight Summer Snook” around St. Petersburg
  • “Beach Tarpon” from St. Pete Beach to Longboat Key
  • “Fall Back Country” on the south shore of Tampa Bay




If you’re interested in fly fishing and want to come out with me sometime on a charter, let me know or check out http://www.captaincarichardson.com.




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