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Majesty Outdoors: Outdoors, Mentorship, Powerful Allies


Last week I had the incredible honor of being an on camera guest on Bill Blodgett’s Majesty Outdoors television program. Majesty Outdoors focuses on “fatherless” teens from across the country. These teens, both girls and boys, may be experiencing the absence of a father due to divorce, death, incarceration or some other factor. “There are other teens that are technically… More

Bill Blodgett: Teaching the Love of Fishing


The crew of Majesty Outdoors just finished an incredible shoot, adding to several episodes already shot for the 2013 airings on NBC Sports.   This week, the team filmed two “fatherless” teens from the Lower Rio Grande Valley in far South Texas.  The location was an intimate spot on the Texas Coast called the Arroyo Colorado, a deep, brackish waterway… More