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BRP is Named Wisconsin Business Friend of Environment


BRP WINS 2014 WISCONSIN BUSINESS FRIEND OF THE ENVIRONMENT AWARD   Emissions sampling equipment supports alternative fuel research   Milwaukee, Wis., May 15, 2014 – BRP (TSX: DOO) was named today the 2014 winner of the Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award for the unique emissions sampling equipment it developed in support of the U.S. Department of Energy’s search… More


  • Bill Grannis

Determining the Optimum Propeller for Your Boat   Here at E-NATION Magazine, the question we are asked most frequently is “What is the best prop for my boat?” Most of the time the person does not include any of the important information that is needed to even suggest a starting point for propeller selection. To illustrate the differences in performance… More

For Every River, A Conqueror


In 1915, Glen Wooldridge began making extraordinary boats. Ordinary boats do ordinary things, run ordinary rivers. Wooldridge’s boats ran some of the most violent and dangerous rivers western North America had to offer. And Wooldridge stood by, or rather stood in, his products the entire time, traveling the entire lengths of many never-before-conquered rivers. Among Wooldridge’s “first-evers” were trips down Oregon’s… More

Butanol: the Next Great Biofuel for Boats?


Courtesy of The E10 ethanol experience soured many boaters on biofuel and the prospect of E15 entering your fuel system is down-right scary, but butanol could turn out to be a far better biofuel—at least, the experts are hoping so, and to find out if they’re right, a cooperative effort has been launched by BRP, Indmar, Volvo-Penta, the NMMA,… More