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Gary Dobyns: How to Fish in Cold, Warm, and Windy Weather


Evinrude Pro Gary Dobyns has made a living figuring out how to fight the elements to have the best chance to catch the most fish. In this exclusive E-NATION video, he gives several tips on how to fish in different weather conditions and water temperatures. ¬†Below you’ll find a summary of his advice, but be sure to watch the above… More

Technical Tidbits: Winterizing Your Outboard

  • Bill Grannis

Bill Grannis, Evinrude technician and historian   Now that Fall is here and the warm weekends have disappeared, it’s time to think about that inevitable seasonal chore called winterizing. You may not experience freezing temperatures where you live, but your boat and motor still have to be prepared for long-term storage. Your dealer, the owners manual, boating internet forums, and… More