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Dom: Dive In the Deep End!

  • DomSquadrito

I have often wondered how some individuals become so good at their chosen sport or profession, to the point where they seem superhuman! The obvious answer is that they practice or study from an early age, applying every moment possible to perfect and practice their wares to the point where it becomes automatic in their subconsciousness. Most probably, it happens… More

Dom Squadrito: Why worry? It's an E-TEC!

  • DomSquadrito

Basic boat maintenance is usually something that I put off not because I find it mundane, it’s just one of the jobs that gets put further down the list of priorities — even lower than a lazy Sunday on the lounge watching motorsports and drinking beer. With a tournament looming, it was time to give the boat, electronics, and batteries… More

The Psyche of the Angler


When I refer to the psyche of an angler, I am talking about the spirit, the soul or mind, and the subsequent action or reaction that occurs in any physical or social environment. So when we take an early morning start, with dawn just breaking, the water is only ever so lightly touched by wind. The colours of the surrounding… More