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All information from this report was approved and tested by For more engine and boat test results, go to   Evinrude i-Dock main video The Evinrude i-Dock system not only provides joystick maneuverability but also allows the operator to tweak the steering system for both resistance and the number of turns lock-to-lock. That is why it is called a “Joystick… More

Understanding the E-TEC Fuel Injector by Bill Grannis

  • Bill Grannis

Containing few moving parts the simple but unique E-TEC fuel injector propelled Evinrude to being the award-winning low-emission outboard leader in the marine industry. In fact the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) bestowed its prestigious Clean Air Award to Evinrude, a first for any outboard motor manufacturer.   Unlike an automotive fuel injector which is basically an electrically operated open-shut valve,… More

Experience reliability with a dependable, light-weight Evinrude E-TEC Engine


Fewer Parts Means Fewer Headaches    The competitor’s belt-driven alternators need replacing and may leave boaters stranded if it breaks in open water. Additionally, Evinrude E-TEC’s uncomplicated design features no intake or exhaust valves, cam shafts, pulleys or timing belts or chain to maintain or replace, providing the boater with a practical piece of mind.   Robust Component’s Mean Unmatched… More