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Justin Lucas on Evinrude E-TEC: Tournament Performance


Evinrude Pro Justin Lucas is preparing to compete in next week’s Forrest Wood Cup. He can develop his fishing strategy and decide which places to fish, but as he says in this video, if he doesn’t have a reliable engine behind his boat, he’s not going to succeed.   In this exclusive video, Lucas talks about why he’s been running… More

The History of the FLW and the Forrest Wood Cup


The Forrest Wood Cup is only a week away, when the world’s best bass fishermen will travel to Shreveport, Louisiana to compete for the FLW Championship. Last year, history was made in the form of Evinrude Pro Jacob Wheeler becoming the youngest Forrest Wood Cup Champion in history. However, that’s just one small part of the FLW’s story. Read on… More

Team Evinrude: Childhood Fishing Lessons


In this exclusive E-NATION video, Evinrude Pro anglers Denny Brauer, Davy Hite, and Scott Suggs talk about the fishing lessons they learned from their childhood. Even though they learned these lessons and techniques a long time ago, they still use them at the pro level today.   Denny Brauer: Fish “like to relate to cover and brush”. Davy Hite: “Be… More

Team Evinrude: Do You Have Any Superstitions?


In this exclusive E-NATION video, Team Evinrude anglers Denny Brauer, Davy Hite, Scott Suggs, and David Fritts talk about their fishing superstitions.   Do you have any superstitions when you go fishing? Many people believe that having a banana on your boat with you gives you bad luck. But maybe you have a lucky lure or fishing rod that helps… More

Technical Tidbits: The Technology of a Thermostat

  • Bill Grannis

Current EPA regulations make the thermostat an important component for efficient engine operation and to meet low-emission requirements.  A gasoline-powered engine needs the proper temperature to help vaporize the fuel, to provide for the proper piston to cylinder fit, and to promote complete combustion with low emission output. Thermostats regulate the temperature of the water in the cylinder block and… More

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