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Boat Review: Premier 290 Grand View and Evinrude E-TEC


The Premier 290 Grand View is a brand new boat revealed at the 2013 Miami Boat Show.  It is a versatile boat that can be used for relaxing, entertainment, water sports, and many other activities.  In the exclusive video, Bruce Hawkins from Premier talks about the boat’s exciting new features.   For more information on Premier Pontoons, visit   ————————————… More

Boat Review: Ranger 240 Bahia


Tournament angler and TV show host Ray Van Horn knows what it takes to put together a good, versatile boat that will help you have fun and be successful out on the water.  In this video, he highlights the new Ranger 240 Bahia, which is a 24-foot-long off-shore boat.  It is nearly fully customizeable based on what features you want… More

Two 135 H.O. Evinrude E-TECs Power This 27′ Dusky Package With Surprising Power.


When getting a bargain on a boat package, you may expect to get less power and performance than you would like, but that’s definitely not the case with this package. The Dusky 278 provides a great straight forward 27′ boat for salt water anglers; and pairing it with two 135 H.O.Evinrude E-TECs leaves nothing, including your wallet, wanting.   Watch the… More

What’s New from the 2013 Miami Boat Show


The 2013 Miami Boat Show featured the newest and best boat models from the industry’s top manufacturers.  Above is a sneak peek at the boats that Evinrude visited with at the boat show this year and their exciting new boat models:   (In order of appearance) Ranger 240 Bahia ( Metal Shark 28 Defiant ( Dusky Tournament Fishing Boat (… More

What’s New With Captain C.A. Richardson: Fly Fishing

  • CA Richardson

Fly fishing has always been popular among freshwater enthusiasts. It’s a fun, relaxing way to catch a lot of fish and master a great technique. But, what a lot of people don’t realize is that saltwater fly fishing can be just as rewarding and fun. In fact, saltwater fly fishing is the ultimate adrenaline rush for anglers looking to enhance… More

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