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Kim Bain-Moore safely releases a white marlin


LBAA pro Kim Bain-Moore practices safe catch and release after hauling in a white marlin.

Kim Bain-Moore snapper fishing off the Gulf Coast of Louisiana


Louisiana’s Gulf Coast is one of the premier red snapper fisheries in the world. LBAA pro and Team Evinrude member Kim Bain-Moore hit the water on opening day of snapper season and wasted no time getting a few keepers in the boat.

The Psyche of the Angler


When I refer to the psyche of an angler, I am talking about the spirit, the soul or mind, and the subsequent action or reaction that occurs in any physical or social environment. So when we take an early morning start, with dawn just breaking, the water is only ever so lightly touched by wind. The colours of the surrounding… More

Legendary flats fisherman Stu Apte chooses E-TEC


As a member of the Fishing Hall of Fame for more than 40 years, legendary flats fisherman Stu Apte knows what it takes to spend more time on the water. So it’s no surprise that Stu has chosen to outfit his new signature series skiffs with 90-horsepower Evinrude E-TEC engines. has the story.   To continue the discussion about… More

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