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Spot the Difference: 150 H.O. vs. the 150 HP Pontoon Series


At a glace these engines might look similar but it’s what they offer and their application that are completely different. Evinrude E-TEC engines are great for bass fishing, inland waters, coastal fishing, or even speeding around the lake with water skiers trailing behind. You might need some help knowing which type of engine is the right one for your boat.… More

The First Outboard Engine Built Specifically For Pontoons


  Introducing the first outboard engine built specifically for pontoons. We took an in-depth look at the day to day life of pontoon owners and built an engine platform to specifically address their needs. New features include rubber motor mounts to reduce vibrations transmitted to the boat and special gear ratios and large displacement cylinder blocks which provide abundant torque… More

What to Expect at a Boat Show


Captain C.A. Richardson is not only a pro angler, but he’s also a pro when it comes to attending boat shows. In this video from the 2013 Miami Boat Show, he gives you a comprehensive walk-through of not only that particular show, but nearly any other major boat show and what you can expect from it.   Since we’re in… More

Where Has Evinrude Taken You in 2013?


Evinrude is always proud to power all kinds of on-the-water adventures. As 2013 comes to a close, we want to highlight fans who have sent us their photos to showcase their boating experiences, powered by Evinrude.   In this video, you’ll find snapshots submitted by everyday boating enthusiasts on the water. They caught fish, played watersports, and enjoyed their Evinrude… More

Where Has E-NATION Been in 2013?


Throughout 2013, E-NATION has traveled all over the United States to experience some of the best that the boating world has to offer. From boat shows to fishing tournaments to world record water ski pyramids, Evinrude has powered some incredible moments this year in some of the most beautiful places in the country.   In the above video, you’ll find… More

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