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Team Evinrude: Do You Have Any Superstitions?


In this exclusive E-NATION video, Team Evinrude anglers Denny Brauer, Davy Hite, Scott Suggs, and David Fritts talk about their fishing superstitions.   Do you have any superstitions when you go fishing? Many people believe that having a banana on your boat with you gives you bad luck. But maybe you have a lucky lure or fishing rod that helps… More

Technical Tidbits: The Technology of a Thermostat

  • Bill Grannis

Current EPA regulations make the thermostat an important component for efficient engine operation and to meet low-emission requirements.  A gasoline-powered engine needs the proper temperature to help vaporize the fuel, to provide for the proper piston to cylinder fit, and to promote complete combustion with low emission output. Thermostats regulate the temperature of the water in the cylinder block and… More

Evinrude Pro Casey Martin Grabs First Tour Win in Dominating Fashion


Casey Martin is a rookie angler on the FLW Tour, an Evinrude Pro, and the star of the FLW Outdoors web series “Circuit Breaker“, but now he can add a historic performance at Lake Chicamauga last week to his resume.  Martin reeled in his first career win last week in nearly-record fashion as he caught the second-highest total weigh-in (103… More

Ship Shape TV: Repowering with an Evinrude E-TEC 150-HP Engine


In this episode of Ship Shape TV, host John Greviskis profiles a consumer as he goes through the process of repowering his boat with an Evinrude E-TEC 150-HP engine. They review the findings of the Evinrude 150 Challenge and determine that the Evinrude E-TEC engine is what he wants to put on his boat. The power, reliability, and fuel-efficiency all… More

Inside Look: Justin Lucas at Lake Eufaula


Evinrude Pro Justin Lucas finished third at the FLW Tour event at Lake Eufaula on May 19th. In the above video, you can get access to what it feels like to be on the water on the final day of a professional fishing tournament.  This video captures Justin catching his first fish of the day on Day 4, where he… More

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