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The Psyche of the Angler


When I refer to the psyche of an angler, I am talking about the spirit, the soul or mind, and the subsequent action or reaction that occurs in any physical or social environment. So when we take an early morning start, with dawn just breaking, the water is only ever so lightly touched by wind. The colours of the surrounding… More

Q & A with Pete Bethune: Author, Conservationist and Star of Animal Planet's "Whale Wars"


E: Pete, tell us a little bit about yourself   P: I am a world record holder, reluctant star of Animal Planet’s ‘Whale Wars’, author of two successful books, (one written during my time in a Japanese maximum security prison) and most recently, founder of Earthrace Conservation, a new marine conservation group. My mission is to protect endangered and vulnerable marine… More

John Greviskis Talks Evinrude Repower Triple-Play Sweepstakes!


Do we have any Ship Shape fans here? Ship Shape TV host John Greviskis wants you to enter the Evinrude Repower Triple-Play Sweepstakes! You could win free oil for a year or a FREE Evinrude E-TEC engine! Join our conversations on Facebook at

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