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Technical Tidbits: The Detatchable Rowboat Motors – The Early Evinrude Outboards

  • Bill Grannis

Ole Evinrude did not invent the outboard motor nor was he the first to produce one. Versions of portable propulsion systems, both gasoline and battery powered, had been around since the late 1800’s. An attorney named Cameron Waterman began manufacturing his Porto-Motor several years before Evinrude built his first prototype. It was an associate of Waterman who first used the… More

Swamp People: Meet the Evinrude E-TEC!


We went down to Louisiana to hang out with Willie and Junior of Swamp People for a few days while their boats were fitted with Evinrude E-TEC engines. Check out the video to watch the process begin and meet the stars of the hit show. They were both thrilled to get their new engines up and running!