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Brian Simon, Chairman of Walleyes For Tomorrow Interview


E-NATION was able to interview Brian H. Simon, Chairman for the Walworth Walleyes For Tomorrow Chapter.He talks about the impact the organization has had on walleye populations and how the success of walleye regeneration is influencing new generations of fishermen to volunteer. After reading his insightful responses, make sure to check out the Walworth County Chapter’s Walleyes For Tomorrow event… More

Q & A with Pete Bethune: Author, Conservationist and Star of Animal Planet's "Whale Wars"


E: Pete, tell us a little bit about yourself   P: I am a world record holder, reluctant star of Animal Planet’s ‘Whale Wars’, author of two successful books, (one written during my time in a Japanese maximum security prison) and most recently, founder of Earthrace Conservation, a new marine conservation group. My mission is to protect endangered and vulnerable marine… More