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Kim Bain-Moore safely releases a white marlin


LBAA pro Kim Bain-Moore practices safe catch and release after hauling in a white marlin.

Kim Bain-Moore snapper fishing off the Gulf Coast of Louisiana


Louisiana’s Gulf Coast is one of the premier red snapper fisheries in the world. LBAA pro and Team Evinrude member Kim Bain-Moore hit the water on opening day of snapper season and wasted no time getting a few keepers in the boat.

Happy Australia Day from Kim Bain-Moore!


Hi everyone – as promised here is a small collection of fun and interesting facts about Australia, along with some information about of the fish I like to catch alongside my family in Oz.  I hope you enjoy… HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to all my E-Nation mates & don’t forget if you have any questions, be sure to post!!!  TRAVEL TIME… More