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Hook N’ Look and the Evinrude Repower App


In this video, Evinrude Marketing Director Chris Berg guest stars on the fishing show “Hook N’ Look” to talk about repowering with Evinrude.  He highlights the Evinrude Repower Maintenance Calculator App (available on the Evinrude website), which can tell you how much money you’ll save on maintenance in the first three years of repowering with Evinrude E-TEC.   Visit the… More

Experience More with Less Scheduled Maintenance


Run it as hard as you like right out of the box! All four-stroke outboards require a delicate and lengthy break-in period and 10-20 hour check.  With Evinrude E-TEC, there is no break-in period or 10-20 hour check.   Keep running it hard for 300 hours. Mercury and Yamaha four-stroke outboards require multiple dealer-scheduled maintenance visits, including oil and filter… More

Babe Winkelman on the Evinrude E-TEC


As the host of Good Fishing and Outdoor Secrets, Babe Winkelman has been a staple on outdoors television for over 30 years. He’s seen virtually every innovation in fishing and boating along the way. Every gimmick. Every claim. Every exaggeration. But listen to the way Babe talks about his Evinrude E-TEC engine. It’s high praise from a legend who has spent a lifetime… More

Technical Tidbits: Winterizing Your Outboard

  • Bill Grannis

Bill Grannis, Evinrude technician and historian   Now that Fall is here and the warm weekends have disappeared, it’s time to think about that inevitable seasonal chore called winterizing. You may not experience freezing temperatures where you live, but your boat and motor still have to be prepared for long-term storage. Your dealer, the owners manual, boating internet forums, and… More

Dom Squadrito: Why worry? It's an E-TEC!

  • DomSquadrito

Basic boat maintenance is usually something that I put off not because I find it mundane, it’s just one of the jobs that gets put further down the list of priorities — even lower than a lazy Sunday on the lounge watching motorsports and drinking beer. With a tournament looming, it was time to give the boat, electronics, and batteries… More