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Rapala’s Jointed Shallow Shad Rap


As the walleye tournament season really heats up, we wanted to highlight a new lure from Rapala which targets walleye and muskie specifically in shallow water.   When you’re fishing in water less than five or six feet deep, the Rapala Jointed Shallow Shad Rap is a perfect lure to catch the eye of a monster walleye or muskie. ┬áIt… More

Tour Ranger Boats’ New 175T


Ranger Boats’ George Little gave E-NATION a tour of the new 175T model at the FLW Walleye Championship in Davenport, Iowa. The tiller setup is perfect for boaters seeking to maximize their available space.   * * * * * Have any questions for your fellow owners? Continue the conversation on the E-NATION message boards, and join our online community… More

Joe Bucher: Provoking Muskie Strikes On the Figure-8


Joe Bucher, Evinrude Pro Team   The figure-8 technique is certainly nothing new in the muskie world, yet few anglers have truly mastered this incredible technique. When done correctly, it can be super deadly. In fact, at times it seems like every muskie in a lake wants to follow the lure and strike at boat-side. However, some muskie anglers are… More