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Badgerland pushes the limits. Evinrude pulls them.


The Badgerland Ski Team uses triple 300-horsepower Evinrude E-TEC engines to perform some of the wildest tricks in show skiing.

Sneak Peek of the 2012 Wisconsin State Ski Show Championship


Hey Evinrude fans! Check out a sneak peek of the 2012 Wisconsin State Ski Show Championship. We saw some pretty amazing stunts and were proud to sponsor many of the teams. We spent all weekend with these talented skiers, so be sure to check back for additional footage. More to come…

Mad-City Ski Team relies on Evinrude


Want to see 675 E-TEC horses in action? Check out this video of the Mad-City Ski Team taking home 1st Place at the Wisconsin State Show Ski Championships!