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The following is an excerpt from the full article in its entirety can be found here:   The past year has seen a number of new outboard products entering the market. Manufacturers want to provide existing consumers with the option to repower or add power to their vessels, which is an unsurprising emphasis considering that nearly half, or 7.9… More

EMM Unwrapped

  • Bill Grannis

What is an EMM and how does it work?   Whether you call it, a “brain box” or a “black box”, the engine management module (EMM) is the Grand Central Station of your outboard motor. It controls everything to make your E-TEC operate correctly. Gone are the days when you adjusted idle rpm, fiddled with the carburetor mixture needles, and… More

Technical Tidbits: The Technology of a Thermostat

  • Bill Grannis

Current EPA regulations make the thermostat an important component for efficient engine operation and to meet low-emission requirements.  A gasoline-powered engine needs the proper temperature to help vaporize the fuel, to provide for the proper piston to cylinder fit, and to promote complete combustion with low emission output. Thermostats regulate the temperature of the water in the cylinder block and… More