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Jig Your Way To More Fish

  • Bob Jensen

Early in the open water fishing season, jigs are probably the number one go-to bait for walleye anglers, and folks who fish for bass and panfish also use jigs early in the season. There’s a reason for that: Jigs are, plain and simple, fish-catchers. In fact, many anglers, if they were limited to one type of lure to use year… More

What to Expect at a Boat Show


Captain C.A. Richardson is not only a pro angler, but he’s also a pro when it comes to attending boat shows. In this video from the 2013 Miami Boat Show, he gives you a comprehensive walk-through of not only that particular show, but nearly any other major boat show and what you can expect from it.   Since we’re in… More

Five Tips to Stay Safe in Stormy Waters


To many, the allure of fishing is that you never know what you’re going to catch. One day you could come back with an empty net, and another with a trophy fish. But what happened to Orson Tarver and Captain Dan Kolodny on a November night is more memorable than any trophy fish.   Orson Tarver and his friend, Captain… More

Salmon Fishing Tips From TV Host Babe Winkelman


Having trouble bringing in that monster salmon? Babe Winkelman brings his wealth of experience and knowledge to E-NATION to help you catch ’em like a pro. Some of these tips are more conventional than others, but all of them will help keep those lines tight.   Find Forage Salmon are driven by hunger. Their food dictates their patterns. So simply… More

Justin Lucas’s Top Secret Tips


Want to learn some of the little secrets that make Evinrude Pro Justin Lucas successful?  Well, look no further!  Justin is here to teach you how to tie one of his favorite knots.  Check it out!