Evinrude Pros Andy Morgan and Randall Tharp Shine at the 2013 Forrest Wood Cup

The career of an angler spans decades and at this year’s Forrest Wood Cup; we were lucky enough to cheer on last year’s youngest Cup winner, Jacob Wheeler, as well as root for living legends like Larry Nixon. We met up with pros Justin Lucas and Bryan Thrift, the young guns making a name for themselves. And we watched as Scott Martin and Jacob Wheeler try to cement themselves in history as the first two-time Forrest Wood Cup champ. Every angler has a story, but last weekend in Shreveport, there was only one Cup.




The tournament started off with a flurry of bass flying into boats. They were small, though, and anglers were looking for the elusive 3-4 pound bass that would put them over the top. Evinrude Pros Randall Tharp and Bryan Thrift battled in out at the top throughout the entire tournament, with challenges by last year’s champ Jacob Wheeler and fishing legend Larry Nixon. Fishing in the Red River was tough for some anglers, though the shallow waters and dense foliage didn’t stop anyone’s Evinrude.


When it was all said and done, however, Randall Tharp outlasted a rally by Jacob Wheeler to win his first Forrest Wood Cup championship. Right after being awarded the trophy, Tharp said, “When Wheeler was coming on strong, and Larry Nixon–I’ve got a lot of respect for that guy–I needed all the luck I could get”. It was a big night for Evinrude because Tharp’s Cup victory was preceded with the announcement that Evinrude Pro Andy Morgan was the FLW Tour “Angler of the Year.”


Above is a recap of the event and our winning Team Evinrude anglers.




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