Q&A with Team Evinrude’s Justin Lucas

After only three years on the FLW Bass Tour, Justin Lucas has made quite the career for himself. He’s already managed to pull of 17 top-ten finishes and five tournament championships. We’re proud to call Justin a member of Team Evinrude.  Justin had a busy summer fishing the FLW tour, hosting the FLW College Tour and making wedding plans with his fiancé. Now that all of the chaos has simmered a bit, we thought we’d check-in with him. Check out our Q&A with him below to find out what he’s been up to lately. Do you have any questions for Justin? Post your questions about fishing, tournaments, techniques, etc here and he’ll stop by and respond frequently over the next two days.


1) How has your season been this year?


It’s been a great year money-wise, but I did have two real tough FLW events that kept me out of this year’s Forrest Wood Cup. I missed it by 12 points! Ughhhhh…miserable!!


2) If you weren’t a professional angler, what would you be doing?


I would without a doubt be working for The Weather Channel and reporting on extreme weather. It fascinates me so much. Probably because I grew up in Northern California and hardly ever saw bad weather. After moving to Alabama three years ago, I now have a lot of respect for mama nature!


3) What do you like to do in your spare time?


I love going to the golf course and betting a little money. I am terrible so I make sure to play with other terrible people that way it is an even playing field. I wish I could say we were high rollers, but typically I win or lose $5-$10 after a round of 18.


4) What’s your favorite part of the new E-NATION site?


My favorite part of the E-NATION website is without a doubt the Community Board. It is really cool to be able to interact with everyone and talk about how freaking awesome our Evinrude motors are!


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